Time to pucker up!

Time to pucker up!

Pucker up! We’re serving £1.50 AAA Maldon oysters all night long, presented on crushed ice and paired with signature garnishes true to our Local & Wild style: Jazz apple & shallot vinaigrette, wasabi leaf salsa and the classics Tabasco or lemon.

A perfect treat for date night or to share with foodie friends who love their seafood. Join us from 5pm on Thursdays to feast on the finest, freshly shucked rock oysters. As is our ethos, they are sustainable and local:

"Maldon Rock Oysters are sustainably grown and harvested from traditional oyster beds in the River Blackwater, Maldon, Essex. UK. They have a distinct flavour and meatiness inherent from the salt marshes where they are grown, and are excellent on the half shell". 

Maldon Oysters

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