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Gladwin Bros

A farmer, a chef and a restaurateur form the talented 3 brother Gladwin partnership who have created restaurants that are an extension of their rural way of life back home in Nutbourne, Sussex. Richard and Oliver believe in seasonal, sustainable cooking and using every part of an animal, whilst youngest brother Gregory is devoted to the farm and provides the restaurants with reared livestock and sources seasonal produce from local suppliers. 

The Brothers say of the Battersea restaurant:

“With Nutbourne we wanted to create a community restaurant for Battersea locals.We both live in and love Battersea and we hope that we’ve created a space that caters to all the tastes of people from Battersea and the surrounding area. We serve wild british food in a farm to table style from our barbecue open grill. We are also a dog friendly restaurant and even offer a babysitting service so that the parents of Battersea can enjoy a evening off. During the day we offer a Set Menu lunch to make Nutbourne the perfect mid week stop off restaurant to enjoy wild british food after a long dog walk in Battersea Park. We also serve Brunch on the weekends and the best Sunday Roast in Battersea on Sundays".

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